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Company Name


Head Office

Jl. Panjang Komp. Sunrise Garden Blok W No. 8 Kedoya Utara
Jakarta 11520



27 February 1990


Number of Employees

About 300



Komp. Tritunggal, Jl. Pancasila IV Gunung Putri - Bogor 16964


Business Activities

Spesialist contractor in architecutural aluminium & facade construction, steel structure construction and architectural woodworking

About us

PT. Pelitamaju Multiswakarsa is a specialist contractor in architectural aluminium & facade
construction, steel structure construction and architectural woodworking. PT. Pelitamaju was
started in Jakarta in 1990. We have since taken on numerous high-profile projects across the
country and established ourselves as a major player in Indonesia's commercial construction
PT. Pelitamaju Multiswakarsa operates out of Graha Pelitamaju in West Jakarta. Our
fabrication facility is in Gunung Putri (Bogor) and has aluminium, steel and engineering wood
fabrication lines. Our factory is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery to ensure that we
will always produce precisely-assembled, high quality products. We are also supported by our
experienced engineering and project teams to tackle any technical and construction-related
challenges during project execution.
To continue growing and meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients and the construction
industry, PT. Pelitamaju Multiswakarsa strives to continuously improve productivity, efficiency
and quality through factory modernization and rigorous human capital training to build an
increasingly capable and professional team.
PT. Pelitamaju Multiswakarsa is part of Pelitamaju Group. Other companies include PT.
Cahaya Teknindo Majumandiri (Mechanical & Electrical Contractor) and PT. Multigraha
Facade Indonesia (Facade Contractor, YKK AP Distributor)

our team

​Our employees are our greatest asset. Over the years, we have assembled a strong team of management professionals, project managers, estimators,  engineers, production and logistics team. Our team is trained to handle projects of any magnitude professionally and efficiently.

our Vision

We aim to always be active in the Indonesian construction sector. Along with the rapid development in Indonesia over  recent years, we strive to continue to expand our capabilities to meet consumers demands.


our Philosophy

We rely on the confidence and never-ending support of our clients to continuously thrive. We emphasize integrity and professionalism in the delivery of our projects.

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